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Not available.
I can't believe that when I looked up n/a, it was n/a, since nobody put a definition for it.
by Dottina July 31, 2003
A face used in a chat room or message board to express when you are befuddled, surprised, or intrigued. Also used on internet RPG's, like Lineage.
Theaphelia: I named my new dog Siribel.
Kyusaku: Huh? Where'd you get that from?
Theaphelia: I made it up.
Kyusaku: Oh I see...o.0
by Dottina May 10, 2003
The current mayor of NYC. A real idiot, supposedly converted from democrat to republican, therefore he is NOT a true republican. All he's doing is causing mass unemployment and raising taxes, making NEW taxes, bringing back taxes that they originally got rid of, and generally making life in New York miserable and expensive.
If you ask me, his democrat buddies asked Michael Bloomberg to pretend to convert to republican and run as a republican, then cause mass chaos to make republicans look bad, especially since Giuliani (a republican) was so great.
by Dottina July 31, 2003
Me. One who enjoys burning whatever they see in front of them...whether it be book, rubber band, tree, or you.
I almost blew myself up once when I threw a match into a bowl of paint.
by Dottina May 13, 2003
Byu isn't a grammar error, it's a SPELLING error, moron.

I'm a girl.

And another thing: I'm not saying that christmas is being taken away, but it's ridiculous that it can't be shown in public without a menorah and/or some kwanzaa decoration next to it.

And I'm showing people that everyone complains about catholic scandals, but why don't they bitch about muslim scandals, or jewish scandals, or protestant scandals?
Or hindu scandals? Or buddhist scandals? Or pagan scandals?

Why just catholic scandals?
by Dottina July 19, 2003

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