a gas masked fire freak who carrys a flame thrower and a gas mask whear ever he goes, a pyro ussally likes setting pepole on fire for a living and loves hurting and killing pepole with explosives. but a pyro often thinks other wise about what he is doing. for example the pyro will chop someones arm off with a fire axe but thinks hes giving a baby a large lollypop. the pyro has his own town called pyroland and the mayor off this town is the ballooncorn. the ballooncorn overtakes the person (he/she) who is the pyro and makes theam do stuff like that wall making theam think other wise. the pyro often sais huda huda...also you can tell if he/she is a pyro if the person talks about ballooncorns such as in this exapmle.
1: please no voilents!
2:huda huda
by pyro emo boss August 09, 2012
person that is obsessed with fire
paul u pyro stop it
paul:na man na
by pyrogod May 23, 2005
1) n - Someone who is physically attracted to people with red hair.

2) v - To romantically, sexually, or platonically pursue someone with red hair. (I/you pyro, he/she pyros, I am/you are/he is/she is pyroing)
1) Pop culture is filled with pyros: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, those pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Eric Foreman, Spider-man, Benjamin Button, any straight male character adjacent to Emma Stone, to name a few.

1) "Look at Matt over there, with Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams posters all over his dorm. Whadda pyro."

2) "Whenever I visit Scotland (13% redheads), I pryo. I can't help it!"

2) Jack Dawson was laying out his pyroing skills aboard the Titanic when he fell in love with Rose.
by Dambro February 17, 2012
Young, anti-social individuals who like to play with no one and nothing but fire and firearms.
Oklahoma Bombmer Timothy McVeigh.
All lead characters in cult classic Romper Stomper (staring Russell Crowe).
by Ted March 19, 2003
A term that expresses that target person is extremely insane, with extreme cases of megalomania, multiple personalities, and obsessed with fire. Persons like this should be treated with caution.
"Hey, did you hear what that guy did? He burned down a teacher's house!"
"Yeah, he's such a Pyro."
by Original Pyro December 01, 2006
saying something is amazing etc.

Can be used in place of sick,ill, crazy, fiya etc.
1. that shit we smoked las night was pyro!
2. that movie was pyro!
3. see that bomb bitch? bitch is PyrO!
by StoneZ July 18, 2009
To post excessively in a public forum, sharing more knowledge and experience than is humanly possible.
Damn, that dude really pyroed that thread.
by Rifledude April 12, 2008

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