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misspelling of metroid prime. To the poster that says anal from your grandpa is better than this game: how would you know? And you don't know games my ignorant pissant.
Putroid Prime? Its sony roolz in disguise!!! Get HIM!
by chrisguy November 17, 2004
Best FPS EVER! graphics,controls,and sound are lame?pfft. anyone who says this game is bad should stop annoying TRUE gamers (ie. gamecube fans) and whats all this SHIT i've been hearing about nintendo sticking with handhelds? SONY! MICROSOFT! GET THE FUCK OFF NINTENDO'S TURF!
Metroid Prime > all other FPS's
by nintendoboy March 23, 2004
A severely underated first-person shooter.
You zealot! It's "Metroid Prime"! Not putroid prime.
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
A FPA realsed by nintendo to boost Gamecube sales, it has surpassed many other games, wining 12 awards. A sequal has been Out in stores for about 2 weeks
MP 12 awards
Halo 16 awards
Half-life 51 awards
by The Fanboy killer December 14, 2004
an unschooled idiots mis-spell of "metroid Prime" One of the greatest games ever.
"Metroid Prime is dumb uh,uh,....uh putrid prime!haha!FUNNY!I'm not dumb though,because you should listen to my make-fun-of name for metroid prime!PUTRID PRIME!!!HAHAHAHA"
by Balki August 14, 2003
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