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an acronym meaning Fine Peice of Ass.
Leigh: Have you seen Mrs Rayer?, the exam invidulator.
Sophie: mmmmm, shes a FPA.
Leigh: i don't think so, WHSmith lady porn is saucier.
by Keith Cheggers April 28, 2008
Having failed in marking optical answer sheets correctly.
Student 1: I got a low mark in that examination!

Student 2: I'm sure it was just an FPAS on their part!
by DrHaveNoJob March 01, 2013
a (F)at (P)arty (A)nimal. Normally female. They exist in their natural environments of shitty dive bars, 2nd year college dorms, or community colleges offering programs in medical coding and billing. Were thin and slightly attractive until about 19 or 20, and following the combination of a slowing metabolism and increased consumption of dollar drafts, gained between 15 to 40 pounds, mainly in the hip/thigh/face regions.

They tend to enjoy being loud, wearing dresses entirely to tight that they may have fit into at an earlier age, and hunting for their natural prey, drunk munchies. On birthdays, along with the painted on dress, they wear novelty crowns and an unwarranted sense of self importance. Vulnerable too sprained cankles resulting from drunk dancing in high heels worn to prop up their dumpy asses. Enjoy party busses stocked with copious amounts of bud light and birthday cake in the shape of dicks. They usually sport leg scratches from pissing in the bushes, and facial scars from that time they fell into a brick wall. Usually have a cute friend that isn't worth it because she's just a couple years behind the rest of the gaggle.

Their favorite holidays are St. Patrick's day and Spaghetti day, or just St. Spaghetti Day. They love to party, they love to eat, and are constantly late for their reception job at the salon because they chipped a tooth on the handrail at the bar last night.

Sidenote - Rampant in Boston
Friend 1- Hey dude check out that pack of FPAs.

Friend 2- Oh dude that ones tearing into that wing plate!

Friend 1- Haha look at the one in yellow, she just wiped out on those obnoxious heels trying to fish those mike and ike out of her purse.

Friend 2- And the ones already done with the wings and moving on the the yard glass of keystone light. Friends kinda cute though.

Friend 1- No man, im not entertaining FPAs all night, i dont have enough beef jerkey and im out of busch light.
by GoodFortune January 31, 2011
Future Pedophiles of America
Person 1: Did you see that picture of him?

Person 2: Yeah, welcome to the FPA.
by HotPieceOfAssiknow January 28, 2011
Facebook Posts of Affection. When SO's and spouses post their sickenly sweet undying love for each other continuously on their respective pages.
Ohh, I luv my baby so much! U n Me forever!!!

I have the best hubby in the world! Luv him so much!!!

Dude, please stop with the fpa's. You're making me sick.
by kbrook007 August 10, 2010
Friend Point Average. An average Facebook users use to figure out how many friends they actually talk to on Facebook. Divide number of friends you've talked to in the past year by total friends to find your FPA. You can get your FPA up in multiple ways, the most obvious way is by being be more social but if you can't do that you can delete some of your friends you don't speak to in order to bring your average up.
200 (total friends) / 40 (friends you've talked to in the past year either in a wall post, message or fb chat) = FPA of 5
by JGALS May 02, 2011
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