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Pronounced like the metallic substance pewter, this describes a computer, especially a laptop or netbook.
Hey man, pass me my puter. I need to check the interblogs for something.
by MSpike September 14, 2011
7 8
a Puter or Puder is a Vagina
How's your Puter/Puder doing?
by ittybittykitty2 July 22, 2006
89 110
some one who's being really lame and they're making whats goin on no fun.
Lets ditch david, he's being such a puter
by Jeofry May 01, 2008
7 51
What you use to do work after you eat your samiches.
Hey James, you gonna go play puter?
by Brian Johnson February 08, 2005
26 73
Suposedly a "male nurse".
A Puter help save my life. What a fag.
by ScootyPuff Jr April 16, 2005
15 72