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Pronounced like the metallic substance pewter, this describes a computer, especially a laptop or netbook.
Hey man, pass me my puter. I need to check the interblogs for something.
by MSpike September 14, 2011
Short for computer
My Puter is being slow.
by Mel February 24, 2003
puters a are computers or PC's
Are u good with Puters
by Mostafa Nada September 24, 2005
puter is a short for of the word computer.
My puter is broken! I have to get it fixed!
by petiteash January 18, 2006
A term old people use for "computer" or PC when they want to sound hip.
Old person: I was dinking around on the 'puter last night and found the funniest webpage! Do you get the L. O. L. cats?
GeekSquad employee: Ma'am, there's a line forming behind you...
by Classic Bat March 09, 2010
a puter is not a computer at all, just add the com to it to call it that. A puter is slang for VAGINA.
Man, I like the stick my putter in her puter
by CaliCowboy September 27, 2010
short for: computer
my 'puter crashed. may i use yours?
by fah_q_buddie May 14, 2009
What surfers with learning difficulties call their computer.
My puter is very clever.
by Kerb November 30, 2004