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1105, 11:05, or 11/05 (pronounced eleven-o-five) refers to the universal time for party time. Similar to the relationship between 4:20 and cannabis culture, 11:05 refers to participating in a party and by extension a way to identify oneself with party culture. Coined by Los Angeles residents Isiaiah Clayborne and Carl Bogan, due to the similarity between the hands on the clock at 11:05 and a common body posture when partying.

If you stand up, and place your hands above your head, at the “11:05” position, lean back a little and scream “Ayyyyyyeeeeee”, you have now assumed what is known as the Party Position.
Person #1: Whew! I just got off work and it's Friday. Hey, what time you got?

Person #2: It's 11:05!

Person #1: Party Time?!?!?!

Person #2: Fuckin Right!!!!
by luxebrown April 03, 2011
Detonating a low power explosive device (such as fireworks or an M-80) in a mailbox.
The Scoutmaster went one step too far again, so tonight he is going to get an 11:05.
by Penn Martin July 25, 2010
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