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Acronymn for Pent Up Sexual Tension.

Typically used as a past tense verb to indicate a person has the definition.
Sally didn't get any last night after her date, so now she is pusted.

He's so pusted.
by ojin December 11, 2003
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(pron. poost)
1. Rapist
2. The act of raping
1. "Look it's the guy who abused little boys", "Yeah that pust"
2. "Talia's so hot", "I wanna pust her"
by frankenshteiner July 18, 2010
(v) To ejaculate; cum into the female anus.
OJ Simpson is known to pust
by frenchyfrie911 February 24, 2009
noun- abreviation of the greek word pusti, meaning homosexual
Hey there you lill pust. Word must be used in conjuction with little, lill or anything referring to small.
by beerz broson October 18, 2006

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