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The art of smoking cigarettes, pipes, or cigars with the vagina. When smoking cigarettes vaginally it is best to use a long cigarette holder, otherwise they get wet and end up as a crumpled, soggy mess. Cigars, especially large rigid ones, are better as it is easy to insert them and to make an airtight seal for effective inhalation. Pipes look a bit comical, especially the swan-neck variety. It is vital to make arrangements in advance for the collection of ash, otherwise there can be nasty burns.
She bit off the end of a large Cuban cigar, lit it, and inhaled. Next she opened her thighs, and parting her glistening pussylips, inserted the end of the cigar into her pussy. She contracted her pussy muscles and the end glowed red as she drew the smoke up deep inside her. She paused and then, with immaculate control, allowed the smoke to escape from between her pretty pussylips. Once or twice, when pussysmoking, she managed a smoke ring, so excellent was her control.
by O'Flagherty May 05, 2008
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