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The folds of skin that hang down on a womans waste that resemble a butt.
Did you know that Sally had a tummy tuck to remove her pussybutt?
by ec_0578 November 15, 2010
An Asshole that gets fucked like a pussy.
Im gonna straight fuck you in your pussy butt.
by Deez Nuts 101 April 15, 2011
1: When a vagina and anal cavity create the same odor.
2: A vagina sits on the bare ground exposed to the elements (usually grass and such will leave evidence)
Girl you better wash that pussy-butt before I go anywhere near that!
by B-rent3323 June 25, 2014
An anus that has been fornicated so hard, that it becomes similar to that of a vagina.
"im gonna fuck u in ur ass so hard ill turn ur butt into a pussy, pussybutt
by Pussybutt Master December 23, 2011
An Asshole that gets fucked like a pussy.
Ron's mom takes mad dicks in her pussy butt, like REAL FAT.
by Deez Nuts 101 April 17, 2011