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Someone's face. An very outdated and disused term, as anyone under 35 will wonder why the hell you're referring to "face" as "puss".
I can't stand her ugly puss.
by JuxtaPositionYou August 18, 2003
Coffee house francaise operated by Cara Restaurant Group. They also operate Swiss Chalet, Milestones and the Breadgarden.

The Second Cup offers a wide variety of beans - including exploit free coffee in some locations - as well as a friendly, non-branding atmosphere (unlike Starbucks)

Retail outlets are found all over Canada, a lot of which are in downtown T.O. (that's Toronto for people who don't live there)
Wanna stop by Second Cup before we get on the subway?
by JuxtaPositionYou August 25, 2004
Frosted Fucks are the male equivalent of Bitch Flakes.

A term used to describe someone who is pissy, irritable, and insulting towards others - usually in the morning (hence a nice, big bowl of "Frosted Fucks" to start the day)
Did you have an extra bowl of Frosted Fucks this morning?
by JuxtaPositionYou August 17, 2003
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