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The act of inserting one's hand into the anus of another. Extreme variation of fisting, usually involving the forarm.
"Oh Jill, you've got a special glow about you today."
"Thanks Tracey, Billy has been puppeteering me like I was Miss Piggy."
by Reverend Raymond Giles November 08, 2006
" No puppeteering" means to have sex with no strings attached.
Ay shawty! So I'm saying tho...Im trynna smash tha puppeteering" How you gon' act?
by Tianamariee October 22, 2008
When you get a friend to work an unconscious body to preform sexual acts
Me and my friend Alex took turns 'puppeteering' some passed out chick last night.

puppeteering rape consensual unconscious tits pussy assholes ass
by KnottyBoy January 15, 2016

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