when a male celebrity is cheating on his wife
Tom Brady must be pulling a Tiger, because he is obviously not focusing on playing football at the moment.
by no1evofn January 10, 2010
Top Definition
When a man has an affair but handles it in the stupidest way possible, i.e leaving voicemails on his mistresses phone stating his name and incriminating evidence.
Example 1:
" That girl is so blind, all over that boy Martin when everyone knows he's pulling a Tiger."

Example 2:
" Hey man if you're going to go out with her, get your story straight with your girl, don't pull a Tiger."
by Gemita December 02, 2009
Acting or behaving in a manner similar to Tiger Woods.
Wife: Honey, where you yesterday?
Husband: I wasn't pulling a Tiger if that's what you're asking.
by LuiJ January 16, 2010
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