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Attempting to quote from memory a short, famous passage or pledge in front of lots of (millions of) people and screwing it up royally.
Barry: The Chief Justice tried to swear me in at the ceremony without a notecard and fucked it all to hell! Some people think it was MY fault!

Michelle: Oh, don't worry baby. Everyone knows he was pulling a Roberts.
by Neptunium January 28, 2009
Pulling a Robert is when you are depressed and you post on multiple social networking sites that you're gonna kill yourself but you actually aren't and you are just looking for attention attention whore if you will
Bob on twitter : I should go kill myself

Jim: what's wrong?

Bob: oh nothing, I just want attention, no one ever listens to me

Jim: Oh! So you're pulling a Robert?
by Hmenrak August 18, 2013
when your playing a video game, and run off a cliff for no consernable reason.
guy 1: i see someone to the left.

guy 2: ah, dont mind him, he keeps pulling a robert, focus on the other dudes
by U.R.Mom December 01, 2010

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