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3 definitions by Neptunium

When one has consumed too much Viagra (or any e.d. drug) and is having problems. Since the chemical involved in stimulating the penis is similar to caffeine, and since one can get the "jitters" from drinking too much coffee... hence the "dick jitters."
I wanted to make sure I really knocked the socks off that blonde the other night, so I took two Viagra... but I ruined everything when I got the dick jitters!
by Neptunium January 13, 2009
Saving money by staying at home and having an Estelle Getty and/or Liza Minelli film festival instead of hitting Fire Island for the weekend.
Oh, Michael and I are having a staygaytion for Labor Day and doing Bette Davis 24/7!
by Neptunium January 28, 2009
Attempting to quote from memory a short, famous passage or pledge in front of lots of (millions of) people and screwing it up royally.
Barry: The Chief Justice tried to swear me in at the ceremony without a notecard and fucked it all to hell! Some people think it was MY fault!

Michelle: Oh, don't worry baby. Everyone knows he was pulling a Roberts.
by Neptunium January 28, 2009