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Verb. When someone accidentally confuses two very close words in a sentence. Name derived from the common mistake made by Americans in the wake of Osama Bin Laden's death.
Hey! Turn on the TV! We just killed Obama bin Laden! Dammit! I was just pulling an Obama.
by stadtreisender May 26, 2011
"Pulling an Obama" on some one is a term commonly used in the hl1 game natural selection.

Leaving a messed up situation for other players to solve in wich case they become the "Obama"
The leading "Commander" tottally fucked up, wich leads to his ejection out of the command chair.

The result of this Is that a new player hase to take over a complete desaster facing the moste dire odds.

Player1: Did he just pull an obezy on me?
Player2: Haha look Player1 is the new Obama ^^ good luck comming a complete mess.
Player3: LOL Comm is Pulling an Obama -.-'
Player1: We still have HOPE! I can do this!
by Bear_Grylls September 04, 2011
When somebody promises something but never comes through.
"Hey did you get that X-Box 360 your dad promised you?"
"No,he's pulling an Obama."
by Anonymous(Justin) October 13, 2009

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