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To win or accept an award that had no reason to be bestowed and do so with no sense of incredulity whatsoever.

To take credit for an accomplishment when no credit was merited, chiefly because no action was performed to fulfill the achievement.

To be credited with accomplishing a deed by simply stating in words what is intended to be done. Whether or not the intention comes to fruition is of absolutely no consequence.
1. Keith was on the job two months when his division made their annual numbers. They did so well they decided to let him pull an Obama and go on the $1.5 million bonus trip with them to Venezuela.

2. Chris the janitor told the Chairman of the Board we should become the market leader in widgets. The board agreed and decided to make him company president and gave him a $1.5 million bonus. How's that for pulling an Obama?!

3. Yesterday Rachel the crackwhore told me she was finally going to get clean. I gave her my credit card and told her to start by getting herself a new wardrobe. This morning I caught her with a penis in one hand, a crack pipe in the other and my credit card was nowhere to be found! Boy did she pull an Obama!

4. Al pulled an Obama when he told me we could successfully navigate the space-time continuum if we just hoped it could be done while holding these special hi-tech antennae he invented. The government is going to give him a $1.5 million grant just for having the courage to speak out about such a laudable goal! I only hope there's enough wire hangers for everybody...

5. Usain had the 200m race won going away until he tripped over his own shoelaces and did a disfiguring faceplant into the track. Minutes later Linus pulled an Obama by crossing the finish line and taking the gold! Good thing Linus stayed unflappably cool in that head-to-head race!
by skeeter_jr October 11, 2009

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The act of talking up work in such a way so as to convince others that many more union members are necessary to complete a task that a single non-union employee could accomplish solo. Such logic makes sense only to union workers themselves, contractor scum and those that they dupe.

Also applies when demanding irrational compensation for minimal effort. Principally centered around lavish health care plans, pensions and early subsidized retirements.
Boss - "Why does it take six of you to screw in that light bulb?"

Union worker exemplifying unionspeak- "People have grown accustomed to a certain level of service with six of us. We'd be putting everyone's life at risk with any fewer. We need one guy to hold and screw in the light bulb, one to put up and take down the ladder, one to carry the bulb screwer up the ladder, one to wipe the ladder dude's brow and two to catch anybody that may fall."

Boss - "That sounds like unionspeak to me. Randy in accounting says he changes them by himself all the time at home. Maybe I can just have him do it..."

Union worker - "That's a big risk. What if he fell, who'd catch him? What if the new bulb went out unexpectedly? Would Randy know what to do? Would you? You're putting lives at risk. We've never had an accident, not counting the bulb screwer's carpal tunnal. We've trained our whole careers for situations just like this. Now piss off. My union brothers and I are on our break."
by skeeter_jr February 18, 2010

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