Leaving the xbox live party without notifying anyone and returning 10 or more minutes later
John: Yeah that was a hilarious movie

Charlie: yeah it was haha

John: did you see the sequel?

John: Charlie......

10 minutes later

Charlie: John, I'm back, I was making sum hot pockets

John: god dammit Charlie, you just love pulling a Charlie dont you
by jaaaaan69 October 19, 2010
Top Definition
To leave a conversation without reason, and without prior warning
Hey Bob do you know were Matt went?

No I think he pulled a Charlie.

Pulling a Charlie is ressearved for Charlie
by ( . Y . ) April 03, 2009
An older Pedophile, No common sense and does idiotic things, Older men with perversions toward younger children
That guy is pulling a charlie, did you see how old she was??
by wildbanshee90 March 07, 2014
The Republican art of disguising your inept knowledge by answering a question with another question as in "with what respect Charlie?"

See also Pulling a Palin
See also Pulling a Charlie
Charlie asks "do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?"

Sarah responds "in what respect Charlie?" "do you mean his world view" starring with blank ignorance at Charlie

Sarah was just caught Pulling a Charlie
by uffda1996 September 12, 2008
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