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The Act of exposing your genetalia in public.

Close relation to "The Pacman"
He tried to Pull an Eric, but his penis got caught in his zipper.
by TWiTCH2527 April 19, 2006
The Act of Refusing to Pay for anything, even though you have the money.

See Ramday
He had a pocket full of $20 bills, but tried to Pull a Charlie anyway and made his broke ass girlfreind buy dinner that night.
by TWiTCH2527 April 19, 2006
To Not call a Girl back, or to ignore a girls phonecalls, after sex.
He tried to dodge her calls all day, but she went to his job. He couldn't quite Pull a George.
by TWiTCH2527 April 19, 2006
The act of a male placing his testicles on the forehead of an unsuspecting person.
This is also known as to"Pull an Eric"
There are several rules regarding the Pacman.
#1) Anyone who passes out too early at a party MUST get it.
#1a) The person hosting the party is immune, unless they aren't well respected.
#2) Anyone who asks you "What's the Pacman?" MUST get it.
#3) The same person CAN be pacmanned twice, but not at the same event.
#4) Tricking someone into asking you What the Pacman is, grants you ONE free pacman immunity.
#5) ALL PACMANS MUST be videotaped, and put on Youtube.com

History: The Pacman Originated when 2 geeks named Eric and Charlie were hanging out with a very "loose" or "sexually overactive" girl. Eric somehow ended up with his pants around his ankles. Charlie turned, saw Erics testes, and screamed "OH MY GOD I CAN SEE YOUR PACMAN". It's become quite the underground sensation ever since.
He passed out an hour after the party started, so Eric gave him the Pacman. He has sweaty ball prints on his forehead for the next hour.
by TWiTCH2527 April 19, 2006

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