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The act of making a definitive promise, but later defaulting on that promise for no apparent reason.
Loyal workers of a factory were promised a big christmas bonus, but their boss decided to Pull a Charlie and not give it to them.
by ab187 April 01, 2009
The Act of Refusing to Pay for anything, even though you have the money.

See Ramday
He had a pocket full of $20 bills, but tried to Pull a Charlie anyway and made his broke ass girlfreind buy dinner that night.
by TWiTCH2527 April 19, 2006
The act of joining another leadership organization/club in school when you are already part of a similar organization/club (i.e., JROTC Program, Student Government, Student Democrats, etc.). In some cases, a person that has been in a leadership club since freshman year pulls a charlie during their upperclassman years.
Dude1: Man, I heard that dude from freshman year will pull a charlie on us!

Dude2: I know, we should check that club out tho.
by THE BEAST FROM RAMONA March 26, 2014