This occurs when you are speaking to a group of people and are rudely interrupted by a drunk black guy with a bad haircut, lameass sunglasses and no musical talent whatsoever.
Bob: "So here today, what we have going......."


Kanye: "Yo yo imma let u finish but I'm god yo yo black people yo yo kick dat funky beat nigga did I tell y'all I be god yo yo yo"

Audience member1: "Aw hell no he did NOT just pull a Kanye"

Audience member2: "Yeah, he sure did. What a dick."
by EMR1976 September 21, 2009
Drop out of college; to end one's post-secondary education before obtaining a degree, at least temporarily.

"I was going to the community college in my town, but I had to pull a Kanye when I was about 7 months pregnant with my 5th baby. I'mma go back, tho."
by They Chayster September 07, 2008
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