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Having sex with several men one after another. First used in the motorcycle gangs of the 1960's. When a woman wanted to gain status as a gang "Mamma" she was required to have sex with all the male memebers of the gang.
Also used to describe a gang rape.
If you want to be in the gang you have pull the train.
by Avery B September 04, 2005
A reference to the position of being the subject of a gang bang.
Mario and his friends got Cheryl to pull the train in the park mens room.
by Kendon February 08, 2005
Verb~ when a women gives it up easily and nasty with little or no effort on the guys part.
Bubba that chick is righteous... she pulled the train and all I did was take her to McDonalds'.
by Mark January 26, 2005
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