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3 definitions by Kendon

A reference to the position of being the subject of a gang bang.
Mario and his friends got Cheryl to pull the train in the park mens room.
by Kendon February 08, 2005
While sometimes mistaken as a simple prefix added to the common epithet 'bitch,' 'slumbitch' is actually a slurred form of 'son of a bitch', but useful for both genders. Instead of an insult, however, it is most useful as an interjection when events do not conspire to your fortune.
Slumbitch! I do not believe you made that shot!
by Kendon July 25, 2004
From the German "weltschmertz", meaning "world pain." Purposeful mispronunciation has altered it to its current form, possibly due to its hollow feeling, not unlike hearing your own echoes in a well. A fairly popular word for a deep, lonely, though passing depression, used among college students in the Asheville-Black Mountain-Montreat area of Western North Carolina (though most of the users are not originally from that area).
Man, the last couple days I've been drinking, and I can feel something coming, like wellsounds.
by Kendon July 25, 2004