A town in Wisconsin knowen for Polka Days.
Lets go to Pulaski for the polka fest
by reaper22691 April 10, 2009
Top Definition
A small speck on the map.
No, that's not a crumb on the map. That's Pulaski.
by WilyBones May 11, 2009
1) A replacement who is vastly inferior to the original.
2) A replacement inexplicably introduced and then subsequently replaced by the original.
3) A replacement whom people do not like and prefer to forget.
1) That Pulaski isn't even fit to get Alastair's coffee, much less take his old job.
2) Does anybody know why that Pulaski was only around for two months?
3) That Pulaski was such a pretentious, self-aggrandizing jerk! I'm really glad that he's gone.
by charliequack February 11, 2009
Consistently flirting with a girl until just before dating them, but then totally ignoring them.
"David almost went out with Vanessa, but then totally pulled a Pulaski"
by MrFunkyBunch February 23, 2014
a dumbass raised in the backwoods of south carolina.
that pulaski is getting married to his sister
by bubba7683 September 19, 2008
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