puck-le. -ly -ling -let -led.
Like the word fuck it can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb. As an adjective it is used to describe something to an extreme. As a verb it is referred to as any action and any object as a noun. Also as a noun, it can be referred to as the larger version of a pucklet.
That woman is being a cunt, she's so puckly (adjective). There are so many damn puckles outside, I can barely breathe (noun). What'd you do today? Oh, you know, just puckled around all day and ate pickles(verb). That puckle is much bigger than that pucklet.
by dodahdoodoo March 16, 2008
an undertermined amount of something
use a puckle of pepper in the soup to your taste
by jean March 27, 2003
when something is pertruding outward, or bumpy, puckle
If you put glue on the back of the paper, it will puckle up.
by Nettypooh October 21, 2003
A small lump, bump or crinkle in an otherwise smooth or even surface.
My shirt has a puckle on it.
by Stacy Jackson June 08, 2005
The greasy film that accumulates in one's butt crack in high humidity regions. Also known as butt grease, or anal leakage. sharts are the main culprits in the formation of puckle. Indicators for puckle include, a slimy sensation around the anus, an incessant need to re-wipe, skid marks or aggie laundry marks.
Dude, my butt is nasty! I must have a bad case of puckle.
by tx_doc May 30, 2006
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