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When Some one will not take it in the ass. Or some one is so tight assed they can't spend a dime one any thing or any one.
She is a Pucker Butt cause she don't do anal. My boy friend is such a pucker butt and will not spend a dime on me.
by Andrea February 13, 2005
Very Tight Butt Cheeks
Damn, that girl has a pucker butt
by TheRealRhys December 09, 2011
Larger than life anal opening, usually found on felines, that speak in "Ohm" and "Iams".
The puckerbutt turned to me and said, "Iams not in the mood. Ohhhmmm." Then, the cat meows, and ran to the Booda Dome.
by jcross310 January 22, 2007