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When you shave off your pube hairs and put them in the freezer in frozen water or juice .. Yummy
Lets go get us some pubesicles
by coolerthanme September 06, 2010
when one is very upset with a current popsicle licker that goes to the bathroom, leaving the other person alone with their popsicle, and that person decides to rub the popsicle all over his/her pubic region.
linda: what the fuck!?

becky: whatever linda its not big deal, i gotta shit!

linda: *whispering* ill show you a fuckin' big deal *rubs popsicle around pubic region*

becky: *walks out while linda is in the act* what the fuck linda! you cant just make pubesicles for everyone you have a problem with!

linda: whos gonna stop me?!
by yowiena69 March 13, 2010
The crusty structure in your pubic region formed by excess pube grease that has hardened.
I didnt take a shower for several weeks and my long, untrimmed pubes formed several pubesicles.
by Dr. Donuthole March 08, 2012
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