Getting drunk and getting some pussy.
At a frat party the beer was flowin and the bitches were moanin, everyone was getting prunk.
by Greg Green 4/20 March 10, 2006
someone who dresses preppy but listens to punk and plays punk music
me, I am prunk, i wear polos and nantucket red but i listen to nofx, rancid, and big d
by james murt March 12, 2006
when urban music (hip-hop, rap) becomes fused with punk rock, or alternative
outkast, el pus, mindless self-indulgence,
{molotov, genetallica(latino prunk)}
by anti-suburb February 27, 2005
When you get so drunk that you go punk and start breaking shit.
Friend: Bro, the neighbors are pissed you smashed all their solar lights.
me: yeah I got Prunk last night...
by SadieTheCatLady November 22, 2015
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