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When a problem has lead to trouble or vice-versa. And both are interconnected leading to that "oh-lord-save-me-I-am-in-deep-shit" effect. Can be used interchangebly with Troublem
Man I am in deep prouble, I cheated and then I lied
by musclezmandy April 17, 2009
Trouble and Problem... when your in trouble and its a big problem :)
OMG I have such proubles.... i ran into the side of my house.. with my car.... PROUBLES!!
by the AH-MAZING becca :) July 28, 2008
problems and troubles combined.... or when your in trouble which leads to a problem :)
GOD!! i have such proubles... i just ran my car into my dads house!! SHIT!
by theAH-MAZINGbecca July 30, 2008

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