A revolutionary website led by brilliant leaders. We fight the left and do it right
The protestwarriors struck fear into the hears of the america hating leftists
by MaineGOP February 20, 2005
A website with great videos showcasing liberal hypocrisy, but unfortunatly stricken with a gay, gay forum.
Oh crap, Garibaldi. Doesn't he ever learn?
by betterthanyouguy November 10, 2004
them dudes are cool :-)
fight back against the red diaper doper babies
by Mike Savage rules August 13, 2004
A Rightista of any race from any nation who is pro-America, pro-Israel, and supports the war against fascism and terror. Engages in acts of sedition and insurrection against Leftistas and their petty-minded peace rallies. Are often accused of being sociopathic fascist fiends by peaceniks for their lack of submissiveness and their refusal to accept appeasement as an alternative to war.

Personal ideals vary between individuals within the Movement.
A rag-tag band of gung-ho Protest Warriors infiltrated the peace-monger headquarters and destroyed the deflector shield while another team flew into the superstructure and knocked out the main reactor.
by Iggy Hazard December 12, 2003
A member of an affiliation under the same name that seeks to expose and undermine hateful leftist rallies and ideals.
by FinalJ September 26, 2003
1. An individual who crashes protests conducted by stupid and/or evil leftists.
2. The organization of the above..
The protest warrior humiliated the stupid
anti-war activist with questions she could not comprehend.
by Demonslayer December 12, 2003
A noble and valiant person who knows the truth and what is right and moral. Someone who confronts evil leftist ideology wherever it may rear its ugly head. Those who follow Generals Alan and Kfir.
Alan and Kfir rallied the Protest Warriors in D.C. and at OSU.
by MaineGOP December 08, 2003

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