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To correct someone, with a self-righteous attitude, on trivial and technical facts, which are irrelevant to the main point of the conservation.

Misquoters are pedantic and often annoying. A surprising amount of joy can be had when the misquoter makes a mistake in his self-righteous misquote. (See examples.)
Normal Misquotes:
Girl, after dating a misquoter for one month, "Happy anniversary, dear!"
Misquoter: "No. An anniversary is a year."
Girl: "..."

Girl: "AH! Did you see that? That bus almost ran me over!!"
Misquoter: "That wasn't a bus. That was a truck. A bus must have more than 2 passenger seats, which that vehicle did not possess. In contrast, the main purpose of trucks is to transport cargo, of which, that vehicle clearly possessed."
Girl: "..."

Girl: "Oh my God, my landlord tried to rape me yesterday!"
Misquoter: "God doesn't exist."
Girl: "..."

Misquote Gone Wrong:
Girl: "Wow! Miami was so much fun!"
Misquoter: "I thought you went to Florida."
Girl: "... Miami IS in Florida."
Misquoter: "..."
by Miss. Kwote March 08, 2010
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