A slutty attitude.
Dude check it out, that chick has a prostitude problem.
by LBD Moe November 27, 2011
Top Definition
noun - being or existing in a state of promiscuous, whore-like mentality/behavior.
Not unlike words with a similar suffix, such as "quietude".
adj. - Prostitudinous
Bob- "See that slit over there?"
Joe- "Yeah, what about her? She's beat."
Bob- "Right, but can you sense her....prostitude?"
Joe- "Affirmative. It's tainting the air."
by Strange Blue August 08, 2006
(n.) - The streetwise attitude of a prostitute, male or female; the attitude of a white collar worker who is about to prostitute himself or herself in order to try to get a promotion at work
"Damn, did you see the prostitude on that streetwalker at the corner of Lexington? She was reeking of it!"

"I hate to do this, but if I want that raise, I am going to have to steel myself and pose with some strong prostitude in the office next week!"
by PRwiz101 October 06, 2009
Tha term use 4 a man whore
Dat he-bitch Duece Biglalowz a muhhfukkin prostidude.
by G-gro August 13, 2005
1. What the girl in Butterfly Effect turns out to be.
2. How "prostitute" is pronounced according to Jake Antoniello.
"Oh, she's a PROSTITUDE!!!"
by Insane guitarist April 05, 2005
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