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Small children, namely girls, who are dressed in revealing clothing, caked in makeup and dyed, spray tanned and plucked to look like 20-somethings or blow-up dolls.

The dressing and parading of these kiddos is usually done by overbearing, slightly overweight mother's who insist their daughter has more "natural" beauty than any other little girl on the planet.

The largest gathering of such girls can be found at "beauty pageants" and in the show "Toddlers and Tiaras"
"That prostitot's "evening wear" looks more like streetwalker uniform than anything I've ever seen."

"Where do these prostitot's moms find sting bikini's for four year old girls?"
by Wall-flowers November 12, 2011
A female child of elementary or middle school age who wears clothing befitting a pole dancer in a strip club. Primarily a suburban phenomenon, prostitots are often accompanied by prostimoms, women in their 30's or 40's, dressed identically, hoping to regain the lost sexiness of their 20's.
We were at the mall earlier today and the place was crawling with prostitots!
by Clarigon August 15, 2010
An underage prostitute.
Miley Cyrus became a prostitot with her on-stage scene with a stripper pole.
by aintno thang but a chickenwang August 10, 2010
A member of or belonging to the very notorious group of children and adoloscents that promisciuosly prostitute themselves or showcase their bodies for the viewing pleasures and displeasures of those surrounding them. Often times they indicate themselves by a prodigious amount of make up and a bare minimum amount of clothes, which is their beacon to pedofiles and young sexual bloomers alike.
Often these tribal figures are armed with baby poon and prostitosticles.
Man 1: hey man, look at that prostitot... she must be seven by the looks of the cleavage she is trying to show.
mAN 2 : crap, i think i just vomited a little in my mouth. her skirt is show casing a thong that i didn't know they made in her size.
man 1 : It's probably a midgets thong....
Man 2 : No, actually, i've seen those at the local Libby Loo.
Man 1 : Fucking Bratz dolls....
by Skidmarkpanda May 26, 2009
When young girls, usually under the age of 14, dress slutty.

Prostitute + tot = Prostitot
That girl is hot in the back! ...omg she's a prostitot, I'm going put acid in my eyes...I just checked out a 12yr old.
by Helmo October 09, 2007
1. A person under the age of 15 that dresses and/or acts like a prostitute, or always seems to have a different boyfriend/girlfriend.
OMG! That kid is a total prostitot!
by Ethan Taylor December 15, 2003
a young girl (10-16) that dresses slutty and tries to be a prostitute but does not act on any prositutial activities.
That girl is such a prostitot!
by Jon November 12, 2003