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A small child who dresses like a prostitute in clothing, make-up or other things. Also a random insult to confuse stupid people.
"That little prostitot's shirt is smaller than some of my bathingsuits."

"Did you see Ally's shirt? She is such a prostitot."

"My computer is a prostitot."
by Bey April 20, 2003
term antisocial/lonely people that spend excessive amounts of time on aim use to get to know someone of the opposite sex- in hopes of getting laid.
imPortRom33obaLLaboi23: WSuP mA KeN i g4t cho a/S/l?
sWeEt_s3xi3_hUnNEe69: 14/f/ny..wuz yos?
imPortRom33obaLLaboi23: 18/m/ca
sWeEt_s3xi3_hUnNEe69: oOOo BoI u so fIone lez make sUm BaBiEs
by bey February 01, 2004
An abreviation for the word "Alternative" meaning the type of music.
Kait's favorite music is alt-rock.
by Bey April 21, 2003

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