A girl around the age of eleven or twelve that dresses in a provocative manner, indicitive of the lovely ladies who work on every corner in every major city in the world.
Girl One: Oh my God, did you see that prostitot going down the escalator?
Girl Two: Yea, what the heck; did we dress that skanky when we were twelve? Her skirt was shorter than anything I have ever seen and it looked like she ordered her shirt from Hookers-R-US.
Girl One: I know, I've never seen so little fabric on such a young girl.
by KWIG July 08, 2010
Noun, meaning a young girl who dresses like a prostitute for older male attention. Often seen at raves, and made famous by the metal/hardcore band Ecophagy.
Neon bras won't get you anywhere. You think you're hot but no one cares about a prostitot.
by fer_sure_brah January 23, 2010
a girl of usually 13 or 14 years of age. usually wearing skanky clothing and walking around the town at late hours of the night. their hair often looks stringy and somewhat resembles a rats nest. also one might engage in sexual relations with older men. often walking in groups of 'prostitots'.
Mom: Did you see that young girl on the street? It's like 2 a.m.!!!
Child: Yea, it's sad, she's a total prostitot
by ghetto gossip girl July 10, 2009
A young woman, usually between the ages of 12 to 15 who wears sexually provocative clothing in order to garner attention she doesn't even understand yet. The majority of her prostitot gear is bought at the mall and promptly hidden from her parents when she gets home. She may or may not engage in activities including but not limited to: hand jobs, blow jobs (bjs), rim jobs, fingering, being fingered, and of course having sex. Despite the name, prostitots usually do not graduate to prostitutes, however, prostitots commonly become whores in there late teens and twenties. Others reform completely and become healthy young woman. Regardless many prostitots contract STDs from herpes to HPV and its not uncommon for the prostitot to die at a young age from cervical cancer.
"Hey look at that slut with the tight jean shorts and thong showing" -Guy #1
"Yea I bet she'll go down on all of us" -Guy #2
"Hold on, thats a prostitot I don't like herpes" -Guy #3
"Ugh...." Guys #1 and 2
by snoel88 February 12, 2008
12-16 year old girl who acts like a prostitute but isn't old enough to work the streets yet.
That skanky young girl giving blow jobs by the dumpster is a prostitot
by Alexandra Gerber May 01, 2007
scantily clad preteen
man1: Damn dude that girl is fine.
man2: Yea, too bad she's a prosti-tot.
by Frankjm43 December 13, 2011
A female, that is younger than the age of 18, who dresses and appears (from a distance) to be an easy girl. When approached closer it becomes evident that they are too young and there would be jail time involved.

Prosti-tots are usually spotted from moving vehicles.
Yo vik! Look at the girl up ahead, she looks soo fine...

(distance becomes shorter)

Damn just another prosti-tot... I'm going to jail for saying that.
by HiImPat September 11, 2010
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