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Usually, preteens, who have no where else to go on friday or saturday nights since they dont have cars and cant get in anywhere anyway. These youngsters walk around the mall for hours at a time, and usually do not make one single purchase. Also, female mallrats usally wear the sluttiest clothing ever. These girls actually think that there are people to impress at the mall and that they will somehow meet their dream man there.
I went to the mall to get new shoes on friday and i saw the same mall rats pass by me at least ten times!
by prettyinpink March 18, 2005
Mall located in Bensalem Pennsylvania. May indeed be the smallest mall in the world but still the best mall in the world. Every fri and sat night each entrance to this mall is infested with pre-teen smokers/'prostitots.' Also, Neshaminy Mall has, perhaps, the most loyal mall rats ever!!!!! (especially for being the smallest mall and not having that many stores or interesting sights)
Jodie: I went to Neshaminy Mall on friday but i forgot my a lighter so i just borrowed one from that 12 year old girl
Johanna: The one that is always there and wheres the shortest skirt ever made?
Jodie: No, the one that is always there and wears the tightest jeans and slutiest belly shirt ever.
Johanna: Oh, herrr!
by prettyinpink March 18, 2005
Pre-teen girl who thinks that she is actually more mature than she is. She dresses like she is 25 (a slutty 25 year old), wears, tons of makeup, and usually smokes and drinks. These girls usually hang out at malls (since they cant get in anyplace else). Since the mall is the only place these girls go on Friday and Saturday nights they usually dress like they are going to the party of the year. They are the only people at the mall dressing like they are going to a club (even when it is 20 degrees outside).
Ew, Bob, dont look at that girl! She is a prostitot and TOTALLY too young for you!
by prettyinpink March 21, 2005
Process of getting sexy and swole prior to spring break in Panama City Beach
All the members of Project PCB are going to the gym tonight
by Prettyinpink January 02, 2015
to claim or own; showing ones ownership; a away to define as "totally yours"
"Omigod i totally tagged that shirt from hollister before you biatch!!!"
by PrettyInPink February 07, 2005
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