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A derogatory term used to describe the violent incertion of the penis into the mouth. In most cases the male or female on the giving end makes little movement, while the participent on the giving end thrusts their hips.
"Bitch, I will skull fuck the shit out of you."
by bucky_b May 23, 2008
One who is within the parameters of 0-36 months of age that becomes involved in any type of sexual activity, including, but not limited to fellatio, anal or vaginal intercourse, with the intention of receiving cash, credit, or debit pay in full for exchange of said stated sexual favors.
"So John Doe, saw you picking up a prostitot on the East Side." "Ya, it was her second birthday, so i took her out to the Chuck-E-Cheese's before i skull-fucked the shit out of her."
by bucky_b May 22, 2008

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