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1. A new age pornographer who predominantly updates and or distributes their "goods" and merchandise using the internet.

2. A pornstar who has gained his or her fame or at least notoriety primarily from their internet following.

(2)Sola Aoi was known best in Japan as a Japan AV Idol. The majority of her new fans are from abroad thanks to the internet distribution and file sharing of her works, deeming her a Pronstar.

by Dr.Libido July 08, 2006
A dumbass leecher. See also: Syncretic
Man you're a pronstar!


He only got his stats cause he's a pronstar
by NexusTKOwnzor March 04, 2005
tight ass mutha - cal-m - fa pwn - #->StK<-
pronstars a x-cal-m tight ass mutha - #->StK<- owns
by zack September 19, 2003