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The guitarist of the Japanese visual-kei band, GazettE.
I am strangely jealous of Aoi's hair.
by carbonate June 14, 2007
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The color blue. Specifically, the adjectival form; the noun is ao.
Sora wa aoi.
by ... May 17, 2004
The color blue.
The sky is aoi.
by Sein October 12, 2003
The Apartment of Irony, a hilarious and unfortunately discontinued web comic.
Hay mang, did you see the new AOI?
by Jibs May 17, 2005
1. Initials for the instruction "Act On Instinct."

2. Initials for the song "Act On Instinct", which is a famous song by Frank Klepacki in Command & Conquer with heavy guitar riffs.
"AOI can be found in scores.mix of the C&C CD as aoi.aud."
by Wayne V. January 14, 2005
A person on the internet who seems unable to focus on any subject other than random sex acts with any willing person. Often found in chat rooms, especially roleplaying chats. Aois are sxually ambiguous, generally being males who play females and refer to themself as female.

Note: it may be possible to chase an Aoi away using shitting dicknipples
<Aoi> Do you have any characters that would sneak into my room and molest me? teeheehee
by The Masked Spheal December 09, 2006
A thing to search on google with safe search off to see fun anime porn
OMG its lesbian anime porn
by joe sampson March 31, 2004

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