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The most beautiful, charming, happy, joyful little bundle of cuteness I have ever seen or met. She will make you laugh until your sides hurt with her adorable little expressions and ways. The way she touches your heart is truly unique and her smile lights up the darkest deepest depths.
Person 1: Who is the person that warms your heart the most?

Person 2: My beautiful bundle of Joy; Sola.
by Leebyres September 26, 2011
Pure Irish awesomeness.
See that Solas over there? Epic, isn't he?
by Solas November 05, 2011
Solas, or Sol for short. Solas is defined as Peace, joy and happiness in the Gaelic language. When referred to as a person or living thing, it usually means some variety of spiritual leader, someone who can grapple with their own difficultys, while helping others with their own.
See that mayor? He's a real Solas!
by Mr. Enns November 18, 2014
A striking combination performed in rapid succession; a Sola is performed when the assailant kicks his opponent square in the balls, causing the opponent's upper body to lean forward. While the striking foot is still lodged firmly in the victim's balls, the assailant punches the victim in the face. It's basically a kick to the balls with an immediate punch to the face.
Reyn was being such a douchebag and would not stop fucking my uncle, so I had to give him a Sola.
by Html Donkey Kong February 08, 2009
anything that can be associated with the city of los angeles, california. i.e. excessive plastic surgery, it girls partying at the chateau marmont, crash diets, power lunches at the ivy, unemployed actors, gorgeous struggling rock stars...
jack: now that we're in la, everyone thinks everything is so la

lisa: like plastic surgery?

jack: so la

lisa: westwood?

jack: so la

lisa: frat boys?

jack: borderline la
by lisa zw October 26, 2006
n. An arrogant teacher;
Dude my video teacher is such a sola, he thinks he's like all pro n'crap!
by UnFri3dFr1z December 12, 2007
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