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Shortened version of "probably." Used by lazy people who justify the misspelling by claiming that it is faster to type 6 letters than it is to type 8 letters.
I could prolly save more time and appear less stupid by typing "prob" instead.
by Dream_On January 05, 2012
it means probably not
a short form used by many people
originating from the peterborough area
when referring to someone writing your essay for you

Oh, yeah, she'll prolly write that for him
by ginger snapper February 20, 2011
The lazy and misspelled use of the word "probably".
She didn't get on chat today, and prolly had to go to work.
by Halfshell March 17, 2013
The way fags and fucks say or type the word probably.
If you use prolly in a conversation you probably suck dick.
by Avgpeen12 May 30, 2011
new word for probably.
I prolly have forgotten any basic English I learned in school.
by raindance August 18, 2003
For Idiots who cannot spell probably correctly use this version.
I am prolly stupid because I cannot spell probably.
by Lindskay July 31, 2006
probably (an abbreviation)
They prolly won't get there on time anyway.
by The Return of Light Joker February 04, 2012