1. A gradual change or advancement from one state to another.

2. Movement forward or onward

3. A series or succession of related things.

4. A sequence of numbers or terms in which each can be derived from its predecessor using a constant formula.

Progression can be good as well as bad.
by Jafje September 05, 2007
Top Definition
1. The epic and unparalleled event of taking multiple alcoholic shots, the number of which is significant (ie. years of marriage, number of V-cards taken, etc.), in order to expedite the process of pregaming. The use of a theme song is highly recommended, though not required.

2. The act of progressing.
"Dood, Timmy just took a 13 shot progression for his frat's 13th anniversary and now he's puking in the bathtub."
by Meesch April 18, 2013
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