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Noun -

1. Mainly used in reference to a film/tv or VFX producer who predominantly has douchebag-like traits.

2. A professional douchebag who partakes in creating or assisting in the creation of an organized douche-like event or production.

3. An individual who is unfit for their job/profession and in charge of planning for things which he/she does not comprehend. Usually in over their head on an intellectual and capacitive level.

"Wow, I am working for the worst prodoucher right now."

"This is yet another project organized by a typical prodoucher."

"He's such a prodoucher, he needs to quit life."
by VFXWizard December 05, 2010
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ur mom is the best prodoucher i have ever had the privlage of doing in the ass hole. she tickled my pickle real good.
by 360-576-5863 call me plaz March 08, 2005
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