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Using baking as a way to procrastinate from doing real work.
A: "Are you done with your thesis yet?"
B: "Yeah -- right after I procrastibake this flourless chocolate torte."

A: "Wow! Look at all these cupcakes."
B: "I have a paper due."
A: "Oh. So you're procrastibaking."
by Effictionary March 24, 2013
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v. 1) Smoking weed and getting baked as fuck to put off work or an obligation.
"I had a research paper to write but I decided to break out the bong and procrastibake instead."
by Dr. Reel Lee Hi August 30, 2013
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Pro/cras/ti/bake (proʊˈkræs tə beɪk)
verb: pro/cras/ti/baked, pro/cras/ti/bak/ing
1. to put off until another time by means of baking
2. to defer a required action through unnecessary baking
3. to bake or cook in place of more important things
I bought cake decorating tools to procrastibake with during exams.
I am a true master of procrastibaking in place of study.
You procrastibaked a pie.
by erkym93 July 10, 2014
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to procrastinate by baking. come anytime assessment is due, you (or your friends) feel the need to make lots of little delicious things that can be eaten preferably whilst on a lunch break with fellow procrastibakers at a library etc. usually sweet in nature, favourites include muffins, banana bread, cakes, and scones. however, the more complex the recipe, the greater time not spent studying!

has a slightly satisfying feeling of accomplishment.
Hayley had a nasty essay to write for Psychology before next week, so she found herself in the kitchen about to procrastibake a pumpkin pie in the hope to drive it out of her mind.
by danzarella May 15, 2010
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verb- to to put off or defer (an action) until a later time because you got high
I was gonna (...) but i procrastibaked.
by ass&butt August 16, 2010
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