to procrastinate by baking. come anytime assessment is due, you (or your friends) feel the need to make lots of little delicious things that can be eaten preferably whilst on a lunch break with fellow procrastibakers at a library etc. usually sweet in nature, favourites include muffins, banana bread, cakes, and scones. however, the more complex the recipe, the greater time not spent studying!

has a slightly satisfying feeling of accomplishment.
Hayley had a nasty essay to write for Psychology before next week, so she found herself in the kitchen about to procrastibake a pumpkin pie in the hope to drive it out of her mind.
by danzarella May 15, 2010
Top Definition
v. 1) Smoking weed and getting baked as fuck to put off work or an obligation.
"I had a research paper to write but I decided to break out the bong and procrastibake instead."
by Dr. Reel Lee Hi August 30, 2013
Pro/cras/ti/bake (proʊˈkræs tə beɪk)
verb: pro/cras/ti/baked, pro/cras/ti/bak/ing
1. to put off until another time by means of baking
2. to defer a required action through unnecessary baking
3. to bake or cook in place of more important things
I bought cake decorating tools to procrastibake with during exams.
I am a true master of procrastibaking in place of study.
You procrastibaked a pie.
by erkym93 July 10, 2014
Using baking as a way to procrastinate from doing real work.
A: "Are you done with your thesis yet?"
B: "Yeah -- right after I procrastibake this flourless chocolate torte."

A: "Wow! Look at all these cupcakes."
B: "I have a paper due."
A: "Oh. So you're procrastibaking."
by Effictionary March 24, 2013
verb- to to put off or defer (an action) until a later time because you got high
I was gonna (...) but i procrastibaked.
by ass&butt August 16, 2010
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