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–verb; to defer the action of crapping; delay: to procrastinate until your sphincter can no longer hold back the wave of poo attempting to break free.

Related Forms:
Procrapinating, Procrapinated, Procrapination, Procrapinator.
Exmaple 1: Today, I was so lazy that I managed to procrapinate seven hours before finally giving in to my sphincter.

Example 2: I'm a chronic procrapinator.
by TG (The Gift) July 30, 2009
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1: frantically studying for something all while crapping.

it has been proven to study faster and more efficiently, and not just the study part...

2: Realizing one had a test that day so he asks to be excused to the loo. While on the toilet, he studies as much as possible.

other roots: Procrapination, procrap for short, crapinate (only studying and not actually using the toilet because one is not able to multitask), PC
Jim: hey how did your test go?
Sam: OMFGOMFG i got an A!
Jim: whaaat? i got a F!
Sam: well see, you did not procrapinate like i did before the test!
Jim: oh that is why i did not ace the test!
by yeahhhhimawesome January 26, 2011
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