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Another level of procrastination reached only by those truly at peace with themselves
Anonymous person: Hey Chris. What are you up to?

Chris: I'm doing an essay. Get off my back.

Anonymous person: How much do you have left?

Chris: All of it

Anonymous person: Oh my. Why so?

Chris: I've been prochristinating all day long playing Mario Kart 64, going on facebook, and looking at holidays I wish I could be on

Anonymous person: That sounds far more interesting and productive than any essay. May I add, you are looking particularly handsome today Chris

Chris: Why, thank you Anonymous person. That's made my day.
by gonzo89cb May 16, 2010
Verb(v): To postpone matters related to Church/ Christ/ God/The Holy Bible/The Lamb/Morality/ Angels/ Bread/ Wine/ Christmas/ Easter/Baby Jesus/Lent/ Advent/Cross/ Gospels/Confession/Saints/Prayer...etc.

As in, if you miss a hundred days of church and you have to make it ALL up right before you die....
Catherine: "Felicia what are you doing?"
Felicia: "Just facebooking."
Catherine: "Aren't you suppose to be at church"
Felicia: "Nah, I have plenty of time."
Catherine: "You know all that proChristinating is going to catch up to you."
Felicia: "Alright, I'll send a prayer...right after I watch Desperate Housewives."
by CAFE100 October 17, 2010

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