quite possibly the greatest pri- name to exist. it outshines priya, priyanka, priyam, etc.

most priyals are carefree, easy going, and hella beautiful
oh my god! priyal is so nice and pretty. i hate her.
by jay2345 April 29, 2007
Top Definition
The definition of perfection.

Priyal is someone who consists of great beauty, intelligence, personality and perfection.

Priyal is related to god.
She has such a great personality, yep, she's definitely a Priyal!

I wish i was a Priyal.
a girl that all the guys seem to be after, and she can't figure out why. she is so modest!
"oh, he likes priyal? tell him he'll have to fight off 8 other boys"
by ether89 November 21, 2007
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