Not really a part of New Jersey, Princeton stands out in many ways. In denial about their proximity to Trenton, residents choose to focus on the elitist university that proudly stands in their midst and the athletic communities that fester as a result. The Princeton Public schools are nationally recognized but anyboby who's anyone goes to private school mainly starting in kindergarden, or at latest, in 6th grade. All the avant-garde highschoolers go to boarding schools, mainly exeter, hotchkiss, taft, and of course Lawrenceville. All middle schoolers dream of going to lawrenceville. For those who aren't ready to leave yet apply as a day student. Only the best of the best get in as day students, and the others are forced to sever ties with homes and move out. Weekends are spent in town shopping at j.crew or morning runs by small world coffee or, as a last resort, starbucks. In June and into mid July children attend sports camps usually focusing on soccer in the early years, eventually progressing onto squash and lacrosse. By august everyone is gone either to Nantucket, the Cape, the Vinyard, or Fishers Island. Most people have nicknames that are printed on the back of appropriately faded sweatshirts, worn with seven jeans, and flip flops year round.
Kelsey: Hey Mads how are you? I haven't seen you in Princeton since forever!
Mady: OMG kels I KNOW I can't believe how long its been! Want to run to small world?
Kelsey: Ah I was just there this morning on my way to lville. Lets go to Halo Pub and you can tell me all about Taft!
Mady: Well, theres not much to tell since you guys killed us at sweet laxin!

Princeton is the New Jersey version of Greenwich.
by anonymous12945738 May 10, 2006
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A very good Ivy League college whose graduates are:

a) Intelligent
b) Narcissistic
c) Effeminate
There's a very good reason why nobody ever says "(insert the name of your alma mater here) is the Princeton of the (insert the geographic region of your alma mater here)."

Nobody but a Princeton grad would ever want to be associated with Princeton.
by BcozTheNight October 30, 2007
Ivy League school that has inflated opinion of itself. Expensive investment as a hope for for success
#1 "My senior thesis at Princeton concerned Hegel and his..."
#2 "Dude, just shut the fuck up and give me my pizza"
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
Home to elitist douchebaggery.
Tyrone: Yo son, I'm going to Princeton.
Jamal: Damn negro, your an elitist douche bag.
by Jamal Clifford September 15, 2005
An Amazing Blexican In A Young Singing Group Called Mindless Behavior ! He's Smart , Cute , And Talented ! His Favorite Color Is Green . His Birthday Is April 21st 1997 . He Loves John Lennon . When He Has On A Mustache , His Name Is Fernando . He's From L.A . His Dogs name Is Beans . His Real Name Is Jacob Emmanuel Perez . He LOVES NY .
OMG Thats Princeton From Mindless Behavior ! Will You Marry Me ?
by Fernando'ssWifey ! October 13, 2011
Stays out of the silly Harvard-Yale rivalry and quietly excels at everything it does. Has an incredible arts program and is situated in the best college town in America, and right down the street from Albert Einstein's old house.
The guy who invented mutual funds came out of Princeton.
by motbob August 16, 2005
The best Ivy League school (we're elitist for a reason). Home to schizophrenic math prodigies, religion professors who release rap albums, and a student body that knows how to filibuster. Even engineers have been know to have fun here, and students of the Humanities recite lengthy passages from the classics when they get drunk after finals. Between the nuclear physicists at the Elementary Particles Lab, the Pre-Meds in one of the world's best Mol Bio programs, the soon-to-be fabulously wealthy I-Bankers coming from the Econ department, and the future leaders being groomed at Woody Woo, Princeton should be ready to commence its plans for world domination within the decade. In fact, we've already begun to... but no, I've said too much already. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself.
Princeton's motto is "Dei Sub Numine Viget." This means "God went to Princeton."
by I. M. A. Sophomore August 11, 2005
One Fine Motherfucker who apart of the sexiest boy band alive, Mindless Behavior. He is the one who is black and mexican and has a curly afro.
Princeton is one fine and will soon be my baby daddy.
by B50 January 02, 2012
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