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2 definitions by BcozTheNight

A very good Ivy League college whose graduates are:

a) Intelligent
b) Narcissistic
c) Effeminate
There's a very good reason why nobody ever says "(insert the name of your alma mater here) is the Princeton of the (insert the geographic region of your alma mater here)."

Nobody but a Princeton grad would ever want to be associated with Princeton.
by BcozTheNight October 30, 2007
1. The number of career home runs hit by Barry Bonds when he broke Hank Aaron's record. The asterisk implies that the record is tainted by Bonds' use of steroids.
Man 1: Hey, I heard you paid somebody to take the SATs for you. How did that work.

Man 2: 740/760. A total 756*. I'm going to Princeton.
by BcozTheNight November 01, 2007